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BotFirst is the official UK reseller of the Clustaar bot platform

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Strategic Workshops

To ensure that your Chatbot meets your business needs, we offer a series of workshops, which result in a working prototype for a selected customer use case. Workshops identify the core user stories, define their parameters and priorities, and end with a demo and review of the prototype that has been built along the way.

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For customers with existing support repositories, we offer a service to analyse the data ahead of the workshops to help identify common queries from the data.

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The workshops and optional analysis make up our ‘Starter’ offering.  This is designed to allow customers to prove the concept without committing to a long-term contract.

The workshops enable clients to:

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Define the Chatbot parameters and priorities.

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Determine integrations and technical dependencies.

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Set up the project team and assign responsibilities.

Leading to a final presentation to:

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Review the prototype to show the capability for the Chatbot to address a particular customer query.

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The build can begin with an optional training session to ensure that anyone on the client project is able to participate in the build should they wish. The build phase takes approximately 4 weeks based on 2 stints of 2 sprints. At the end of the build there is a 5 day validation period.

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Clustaar is able to integrate with any open data source using APIs and webhooks. Any required integrations are carried out during the build phase, and should not affect the build time unless third-party development is required.

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Once the build phase is complete the Chatbot can move to production. During the first 2 crucial weeks we monitor the Chatbot closely to help improvement its performance. Reduced monitoring should continue for the next 6-10 weeks, until we will meet to compare the results of the Chatbot with the original business objectives.

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Quarterly Steering Committees

Every 3 months we will host a meeting to analyse the KPIs from the previous 3 months, agree KPIs for the following 3 months and discuss the next steps for the Chatbot.

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Ongoing support

Once the Chatbot has been running for a few weeks, ongoing support needs are minimal but they are still crucial. We offer various packages to help keep your Chatbot current.

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