About Us

BotFirst is the official UK reseller of the Clustaar bot platform

Our Story

BotFirst was officially established as the UK reseller of the Clustaar bot platform in early 2021, although our experience with Clustaar goes back further. Two of our directors began working with Clustaar in 2019 as consultants, assisting with Business Development opportunities across the UK and Europe.

Having previously experienced first generation Chatbots as customers and technologists, we were hugely impressed with just how much better Clustaar’s next generation solution is to develop, support and more importantly use. This has been a view shared by a number of our clients and prospective customers, from cost sensitive start-ups to established FTSE 100 companies.

Whilst we are focussed on the UK market, we still work alongside Clustaar developing solutions for international clients.

Why BotFirst?

We don’t just sell and walk away; we are here to add value. We will work with you at every step of the way throughout your Chatbot implementation, or simply be on hand to support you when needed. We offer a number of services to ensure you get the best out of the platform.

The most successful cost effective implementations are designed to get the customer to use the BOT FIRST, to answer common questions or as triage to speed up support times where agent input is required. We look forward to helping you realise a phenomenal ROI.

We exclusively use Clustaar to deliver all of our Chatbot solutions, because Clustaar outshines its competition in a number of areas.

  1. It is a truly no-code platform. You do not need a team of IT developers to build or maintain it.
  2. It encourages an agile design methodology meaning Chatbots can be built and deployed in a matter of days if not hours.
  3. It leverages Clustaar’s proprietary NLP, designed specifically to work on small datasets; developed from providing customer intent focussed SEO services.
  4. It includes real-time built-in management information and story statistics, so you can easily identify where improvements can be made.
  5. It has a out-of-the-box agent handover for questions requiring assistance from a customer support agent.
  6. It is designed to integrate into any open third-party platform.

Company Structure

Oliver Bayliss
Oliver BaylissDirector
Oliver has over 25 years in Enterprise IT software sales and marketing roles with the latter 4 years focused on Artificial Intelligence solutions.
James Cooke
James CookeDirector
James has over 20 years of experience delivering IT solutions for clients of all sizes across a large range of business sectors.
Don Jewell
Don JewellDirector & Investor
Don has built and grown multiple companies in different sectors from the ground up.
James Cockerill
James Cockerill Technical Associate
For over 30 years, James has developed a broad skill-set spanning client/server applications, medical devices, mobile development, enterprise integration, technical architecture and cloud computing.
Philippe Duhamel
Philippe DuhamelAdvisor
Philippe is the CEO and Co-Founder of Clustaar. Whilst Philippe is focussed on international sales for Clustaar, he provides his expertise to ensure we deliver the best service possible.
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