About Us

BotFirst is the official UK reseller of the Clustaar bot platform

Our Story

BOTFIRST was established in 2021 as an official UK reseller for Clustaar, following a successful period of opportunity development performed by Oliver Bayliss and James Cooke directly on behalf of Clustaar. Oliver and James are two of the BOTFIRST founding directors.

Establishing as an official reseller was an easy decision to make.

We were very impressed by the Clustaar platform and the feedback that we had received from prospective customers.  One head of IT Development at a FTSE 100 UK company said that Clustaar was the most user friendly and intuitive Chatbot platform from the many that they had evaluated.  Another company independently verified Clustaar’s AI, and confirmed that it is equal to other large Vendors’ offerings.

We love that Clustaar is truly a no-code platform that can be built and maintained by business staff, and that its agile design means that initial prototypes can be developed in a matter of days or weeks. Other vendors and early chatbot frameworks often take many months of development work.  Using an agile approach means that Business Users can validate that the Chatbot operates in a fit for purpose way at an early stage and make improvements iteratively rather than see a working Chatbot at a late stage by which time it will be very expensive or unviable to remedy.

The icing on the cake in choosing to become a Clustaar Partner is that not only is the Chatbot itself cutting edge in design and capabilities, but also that Clustaar’s origins are in leveraging AI to understand customer intent. They have built an array of professional services from initial strategy workshops through to prototype development, support and integration to ensure their customers truly do get a Chatbot that works and delivers fast, demonstrable business value with pricing models that are affordable for all sizes and types of requirements. 

The name BOTFIRST typifies many successful bot implementations. Successful solutions should be designed to get customers to use the bot first, and quickly handover to a customer support agent if the bot cannot answer the questions itself. A successful chatbot will be built to answer commonly asked questions, and as triage to ensure that a subsequent customer support operative is well informed and can answer the customers queries quickly.

Company Structure

Oliver Bayliss
Oliver BaylissDirector
Oliver has over 25 years in Enterprise IT software sales and marketing roles with the latter 4 years focused on Artificial Intelligence solutions.
James Cooke
James CookeDirector
James has over 20 years of experience delivering IT solutions for clients of all sizes across a large range of business sectors.
Don Jewell
Don JewellDirector & Investor
Don has built and grown multiple companies in different sectors from the ground up.
James Cockerill
James Cockerill Associate
James has over 20 years of experience spanning development and architecture roles within IT.
Philippe Duhamel
Philippe DuhamelAdvisor
Philippe is the CEO and Co-Founder of Clustaar

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